Meet our Head of Boarding, Lisa Bradbury

Meet our Head of Boarding Lisa Bradbury and discover her view of boarding. My name is Lisa Bradbury and I am Head of Boarding at Westonbirt School. I have worked in education settings for over 25 years, with my previous schools including St Peters, York and Kingwood School, Bath. I have been Head of Boarding […]

Westonbirt pupils celebrate success at the Mid-Somerset Festival

This week the School took over 30 pupils from across Years 7 to 12, to compete at the Mid Somerset Festival in the City of Bath. The Festival was founded in 1902 and is one of the oldest festivals in the country. It runs for a full fortnight each March allowing both children and adults […]

What is the value of “Values”?

If you visit any school website, read any prospectus or ask any Head, you will very quickly come across their School Values in some verbal or written form. They will be engrained in staff vocabulary and quoted as often as possible. That is true here at Westonbirt Prep as much as it is elsewhere (The […]

Westonbirt School hosts ISA regional Cross Country event

Tuesday 24th January saw excellent conditions for the School to host the Independent School Association’s (ISA) cross country area event, for all schools in the South West region. The ISA organises a national programme of sports events across 30 different sports, including cross country, for members to take part in nationally. ISA Sport has been […]