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Head’s Sonnet Challenge for Earth Day and the Bard’s birthday

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Last week, Headmistress, Mrs Dangerfield, recognised the importance of Wednesday’s Earth Day and William Shakespeare’s birthday on Thursday, with a Sonnet Challenge which combined the structure of a sonnet (14 lines) with our earth as the theme. We hope you enjoy the results:


A sonnet, with my apologies to William Shakespeare, Natasha Dangerfield

Can I compare this to a normal school day?

When activity thrives, learning takes hold;

Where pupils and staff make good their way

And the blend of together makes for little to scold.

Adapting to change and shifting the sands

Creates opportunities. Running the gauntlet

Of obstacles thrown, but caught, with safe and busy hands.

Progress is made and challenges are met.

And so, we continue, with confidence,

Not arrogant in our approach, but firm

In our resolve to make the most of the chance.

Ensuring our actions are for the long term.

Overcoming evil with good, or, if I may

Bono malum superate.


Sonnet by Jasmine:

Gripped tightly we constrict the earth, help me.

It cries, the suffering is endless, free,

I plea, free me, free your grasp, don’t you see?

Let me breathe again, I need you, help me.

I let you live, I provide, but I die?

You’re killing me slowly, let me know why,

Why don’t you listen to my screams? help me,

We don’t have long left but this chance is key.

It’s not too late for you to make a change

You are enough, small differences count,

You have your chance although this is so strange

You’ve loosened your grip I let out a sigh,

You gather and look up at me, the sky

The breeze whispers thank you, for being inside.

Sonnet by Finlay

A sphere of life, the haven of the earth

A faraway planet, one in a million.

Where wars are fought over one another’s turf

The scar we have left never forgiven.

Panic spreads over the recent pandemic

The world engulfed in a state of hysterics

And unless we do something and take action

The state will fall into one of destruction

Optimism is key with Covid-19

It is time to say no to deforestation

Our world granted a chance to be green

A time to grow healthy and heal the nation

The very first step on the path to peace

It is now that we turn over a new leaf.

Sonnet by Grace

I see the earth, its virgin glory spent

the forests dead, the mountains torn and rent

by conflict, and the hatred of the dead

who lie, old bones, beneath a lowering sky.

Gone now the tread of armies marching past

and sound of words long said, that never last.

But then, I look again, and hope revives

there are still left good men beneath earth’s skies

and women too, who seek to find a way

to bring back love, and let the children play

add nurture to the earth, throw out the dross

and help us to avert that last cruel loss.

I pray to God that we will find the right

before the world sleeps in eternal night.

Wanderings by Meriel

I skip past willows, past trickling streams

I walk for hours, but never do I tire.

My mind wanders to the World’s old daydream,

To the first sunrise, to the first dawn choir;

When the first trees blossom and first fruit grows,

When first leaves fall, russet and brown;

To the present day in spring-filled meadows,

When frolicking lambs start to settle down

Beside the ferns that have just unfurled.

No- one knows what the future has in store

But one thing for certain in this world-

Nature will always be accounted for.

I dream of this beautiful world,

That never has, and never will, die...

Mr Holland’s Sonnet

To sit here knowing the world is cleaner

As planes stand lifeless and cars and trains

Wait idly silent and I haven't seen a

Single moped spurt its fumes and stains

Onto the tarmac outside my window

I wonder how Greta can circle this square,

Make us all travel less and hinder

Our roaming and wand'ring after this scare.

Has the whole world just ducked a ball?

Have we all looked away from the screen?

Is this awful tide ineluctable,

Have we known all along what we'd been?

In the end it's enough to have had a fall;

At least our pupils know they much prefer school.

Mr Holland was challenged to include his ‘word of the day’ – which he has managed with alacrity

Parent’s Sonnet

Can I compare thee to a summer’s day,
Said Will the Bard in a famous sonnet.
Will was oft sad – his young son passed away,
Plague struck and took his own little Hamnet.

We have our plagues too and Corona kills
But when ‘tis all over – as it will be
The world will be cleaner – more like God wills
Seen by the return of the Bumble Bee.
We will praise the real heroes who have saved life
See what harm we have done to the planet
Then stop it now with every bit of our strife
A memory to our dead and Hamnet

Will the Bards summers will be here again
For ever after – God willing – Amen

A Grandfather’s Sonnet

As we celebrate Shakespeare’s birth today
And half a century of World Earth Day
For the amazing world in which we live
We all of us will wish our help to give
By reducing the cause of CO2
Though the lowest reading since WW2
We must do all we can to keep it low
So all of life on Earth can live and grow
So as you like it then it shall be
Making a better world for you and me
All’s well that ends well, another Shakespeare play
Will that be true for us one wondrous day
I’m sure if all of us can do our best
Then our amazing Earth will do the rest

Harriet’s Sonnet

Sonnets are really really hard to write, 
Quarantine is sending people insane, 
Yet, outside there is smog free day light, 
And the earth us free from all of its pain. 

We could not protest for this years Earth day,
We can’t go and see how Earth is doing, 
As we must stay inside and cannot stray, 
But now we can’t hear planes, but birds cooing .

Earth would redeem if we were in forever, 
But when this ends we will go back outside, 
I hope we fix our world but we aren’t clever, 
The government don’t listen but at least teens tried. 

The world will survive if we care for it, 
That’s why is it’s crucial to all do our bit

 Summit Sonnet

Up on the peak, when you escape the crowds,

All that you seek, from up above the clouds,

The joy, the peace, which comes from nature’s realm,

When the roads cease, replaced by ash and elm,

With oak and birch, willow and lime the trees,

For birds to perch, their blossoms for the bees,

The woods that cools ends where the trees don’t grow,

Where water pools, the waterfalls do flow,

Where gorse and thyme, heather and bracken thrives,

Increased incline, and where the eagle dives,

Where the lizards and insects bask and crawl,

Winter blizzards, strong winds and cold snowfall.

I walk up high and to the summit climb,

Up to the sky to witness the Earth’s prime.


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